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05/25/23 Itadogun 
Otura Odi
Eriwo Ya!


The itadogun for Otura Tukaa Temple of 5-25-23 revealed the holy odu Otura Radi (Otura Odi) with ejo (contention) turning to ire aje (prosperity).

Ifa says that in order for temple members to succeed we must place Ifa and the dedication to Orunmila first and above all other deities. Let our focus and devotion be directed toward Orunmila. On this, Otura Radi says:


You have gray hair is a sign of being old
To grow a beard is a sign of being elderly
And to grow a mustache is to develop contempt
The shadow will not depart from its owner
This was cast Ifa for Lafenwa
The offspring of Ipasa hill
He who would cling onto to ifa
From heaven to earth
He was advised to offer ebo
He complied
I do not need to propitiate any other Orisa
The Ifa that I am affiliated to
Is enough for me

Ifa says such devotion to Ifa will ensure we are victorious over backbiters and betrayers. Ifa says by the same token, none of us should be engaged in any betrayal against anyone, especially against those who have acted as our benefactors. Ifa also lays special emphasis on women not betraying their men.

Ifa says that anyone connected with this odu should not undergo any surgery during these 17 days.

In the area of relationships, Ifa says that it is natural for women in this odu to be rather beauty conscious and hence attractive to men. However, this beauty consciousness should be reduced and more focus should be placed on having and raising kids. Ifa also advises both men and women in this odu to avoid promiscuous behavior.

If we can follow this advice, Ifa predicts that our sorrows will be converted to joy.

May Ifa bless us all.

E se pupo.

Members wishing to participate in the ebo, should make their $27 donation no later than Monday, 5/29/23.

Ela boru, Ela boye.

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