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09/14/23 Itadogun 
Osa Iku
Eriwo Ya!

The itadogun for Otura Tukka Temple of 9-14-23 revealed the holy odu Osa Iku with ire aiku for our temple.

Ifa says that for temple members life will be interesting and exciting. Ifa says that this will be more so the case if we can stop doubting ourselves and have confidence in what Ifa has predicted for us. Ifa lays emphasis on the fact that what it has predicted will manifest.

Ifa says our lives will be rewarding if we can begin to clearly state to others what we want or need. If not, we will labor away in good conscience but at the end of the day we will end up with nothing to show for it.

Ifa says we love to be exact/precise in how we do our things, and we abhor cheating. But this attitude alone is not enough to ensure success. We must state explicitly our desires. Furthermore, we must be willing to show more patience.

Ifa says that if any member is offered a leadership position or assignment as the number one person, s/he should not take it during this period. The reason is that the first leadership position brings ridicule where this odu is revealed. However, if anyone is offered a position below the top position, this is fine.

Ifa says members must learn to settle and concentrate. Too many of us are wandering in places we should not be in. Because of this we expose ourselves to the possibility of having accidents or injury. Ifa notes here that inside the home one cannot be hurt. It is outside on the streets that accidents can occur. Ifa is NOT saying members must stay  home all the time. Ifa is saying that we will succeed by being stable and located in a single location (for example a single work location).

In terms of economic growth, and career success, anyone who uses their imagination and works with their hands (manufacturing, artistic trades such as carving, painting, etc., healing arts and so on) will be blessed at this time.

Ifa says let us follow the eewo (taboos) of Obatala very closely in order to avoid a useless and worthless life. These taboos include: not using any black, red, and tie-dyed clothes; avoiding alcohol, palm wine and other intoxicants; and avoiding behavior which stains our reputation. If we can observe these things, we will sing 
praises for positive developments in our lives.

May Ifa bless us all. 


Aboru Aboye.

Members wishing to participate in the ebo, should make their $18 donation no later than Monday, 9/18/23.

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