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This second edition of Ikunle Abiyamo: The Ase of Motherhood is a must have for all Ifa and Orisa practitioners and devotees. This book written by Chief Solagbade Popoola and Awo Fakunle Oyesanya describes the spiritual and physical processes that we all go through from insemination to birth. Learn what are Akunleyan, Akunlegba, and Ayanmo and how all these stages we go through before coming to the world affect our lives spiritually and physically. What aspects of our destinies are alterable and which ones are not? Do we choose our birth parents? Do we choose what part of the world we will be born into? Do we choose our ethnicity, our sex, color, height, and other abilities or talents? What does Ifa say about marriage, sexual relationships, raising children? What rites are important for our children to undergo? These and many other questions will be answered in this amazing and groundbreaking book.

Are you a true human being? According to Ifa, how does a true human being behave and interact with his or her family, community, nation, and world? Over the past 30 years, Chief Solagbade Popoola has traveled the world, spreading the sacred Holy Scriptures (Odu Ifa) of the Yoruba people. In this groundbreaking work, Chief Popoola examines the 40 virtues of a true human being; the ropes of life that maintain the world’s equilibrium; and the razors that cut the ropes of life. The reader will come to understand what Olodumare (God), the Irunmole, and Orisa expect from each and every person, during his or her sojourn on earth. Those who are committed to building a better self, family, community, nation, and world, can use this powerful manual as a guide, in his or her quest, in becoming a true human being.

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What is Ifa? On which aspects of life does Ifa provide guidance? How does Ifa guide and support one during this sojourn on earth? Solagbade Popoola; Fakunle Oyesanya; and Gbolahan Okemuyiwa, have dedicated most of their lives to the art of interpretation and analysis of Odu Ifa. These three adept Yoruba Babalawos will provide clear, precise, and detailed answers to these questions, and more. Whether you are a curious westerner, wishing to become a part of this African tradition; or a Yoruba woman or man wanting to return to your ancestors' way of life; or a person simple wishing to understand Ifa's philosophies; ethics; and principles, this one-of-a-kind series will place you on the right path to understanding and appropriately applying the teaching of this ancient tradition to all aspects and stages of your life.

This book contains various Akose and Oogun (Medicines) to be prepared ONLY by Adept Babalawo, Iyanifa, Olorisa, and Onisegun to use at their discretion for themselves and/or their various clients.

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These and other books; recorded lectures; videos; and more by

Chief Solagbade Popoola, can be purchased at Ifa Links

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